Menu Bajau Cozumel


Balam Tiradito
Smoke Tuna fish slices on manzano chili leche de tigre
Black mixed ceviche
Shrimp , fish and octopus ceviche on charcoal grill chilies ash and citrus sauce
Ny steak ceviche
Seared ny steak on citrus cilantro sauce
White fish ceviche
Grilled Xcatic leche de tigre , red onion and wasabi pumkin seeds
Red snapper tiradito
Red chili pure , scallions and red Thai chilies


Fried fish (catch of the day)
Fish filet whit wasabi tartar sauce.
Crispy octopus
Whit Valladolid chorizo and tomatillo sauce
Pork Belly
Seared ,bake and deep fried with home made sauce on sweet potato / chipotle pure
Crunchy shrimp
Kafir coconut yogurt and mango morita chili sauce
Beef empanadas
Ground beef on tomato sauce whit oriental chimichurri
Seafood empanadas
Seafood on curry cream sauce with chimichurri sauce


Bajau seafood soup
Shrimp, mussels, fish and octopus with lemongrass
Caribbean Noodles
Oriental rice noodles with Pad Thai sauce. With shrimp $385, Chicken $340
Chop Salad
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato , local cheese , deep fried pork belly skin , cucumber, avocado and house dressing
Chef Salad
Mango, cucumber, jicama , green papaya , cucumber and chipotle/ hibiscus flower dressing
Bajau salad
Napa cabbage , wonton, peanuts , carrots, sesame seeds dressing


Crunchy shrimp taco 3 pcs
Dressed with chipotle ,Xcatic chili cream sauce and Pico de Gallo
Grilled Sirloin tacos 3 pcs
Grilled cheese , and spicy mayo
Salmon tacos (3 pieces)
Marinated on local chili paste, served on tartar sauce and coleslaw


Bbq ribs
Comes with coleslaw and passion fruit bbq sauce
Rib eye burger
Bacon, onion, jam, saffron melted cheese sauce, arugula , truffle oil, with fries and homemade bread.
Tuna Steak Burger
Seared tuna marinated in ponzu, yuzu mayonnaise accompanied by coleslaw with fried wonton and fries
Black skirt steak 400 gr
Blacked steak with pickled red onion and fries
Grilled honey salmon
With agave glace and sweet potato truffle mash
Cozumel Grilled fish
Marinaded on red pepper and species with guacamole
Jerked Chicken
With mash sweet potatoes


Culotte Top Sirloin 14.10oz (High choice)
NY Strip 14oz (High choice)
Filet Mignon 10.5oz (High choice)
Skirt steak 12oz (High choice)
Rib Eye 14oz (High choice)
Rib Eye 14oz (Prime)
Tomahawk 42.3oz to share (High choice)

Side Dishes

Brussels sprouts
Potato puree with habanero
Potato puree with a touch of habanero.
Sweet potato puree
With a hint of truffle
Bajau rice
Almond couscous
Roasted mushrooms
Potato wedge
French fries

Kids Menu

Cheese fingers
Mac & Cheese
Mini Burger
with french fries