Menu Bajau Cozumel

Ceviches & tiraditos

Trio of wonton salmon toast with soy sauce on caramelized onion and Sriracha sauce.

Shrimp cooked with red chili and leche de tigre with a touch of strawberry and coriander sprouts

Leche de Tigre with Roasted Habanero Chile, Red Onion, Radish, Cilantro Sprouts

Shrimp, fish and octopus in black citrus sauce.  

Slices of smoked tuna, on a mirror of yellow pepper and leche de tigre (fish-based sauce), with fried leeks

Crunchy & Crispy

Fried catch of the day with tempura accompanied with tartar sauce.

On a bed of sausage sauce from Valladolid, slices of green olives and chimichurri

Wrapped in wonton on crispy harusamen accompanied with mango-morita sauce and coconut jocoque.

Seared, baked and glazed served over sweet potato puree.

Stuffed with beef and tomato sauce accompanied with chimichurri

Stuffed with shrimp and fish with curry cream accompanied with chimichurri

Soup, noodles & salads

The traditional Cesar Salad, prepared at your table. available also with Chicken or Shrimp

Mango, cucumber, jicama, papaya and cilantro with Jamaican dressing.

Napa cabbage, , crispy wontons, peanuts, carrots, agave nectar and curry dressing.

Oriental noodles in samball sauce with a touch of sesame oil. Shrimp $425, Chicken $320

Sea food soup with shrimp, octopus, mussels, and fish, with an Oriental & Mexican flavor.

Roasted corn with a touch of chipotle adobo, finished with bacon and truffle oil


Bacon, onion and arugula, with saffron, melted cheese sauce, served on homemade bread with fries.

Baby back pork rib burger served with coleslaw and bathed in passion fruit bbq sauce accompanied with french fries

Tuna seared and marinated in ponzu, tartar sauce accompanied by coleslaw with fried wontons and fries


Marinated on local chili paste, served and coleslaw.

Grilled with local cheese,xcatic pepper and jerk dressing.

Served with leek fondue and melted cheese.

From the charcoal grill

Mussels in sake sauce with garlic served with garlic and Parmesan bread.

Marinated in red pepper and spices, served with guacamole.

Beef bone marrow, with guacamole and homemade tomato sauce.

butter, spinach, garlic, white wine, cheese parmesan, and bacon.

1/2 chicken breast served with mashed sweet potatoes.

With agave glace and habanero pure, served with sweet potato truffle mash.

Grilled flat iron accompanied by truffle fries and parmesan cheese.

Blacked steak with pickled red onion, served with fries.

With coleslaw and passion fruit bbq sauce


Side dishes

Rusted mixed potatoes, scented with black truffle oil.

Rustic mashed potatoes with a touch of habanero puree.

Deep-fried and served with the chef secret sauce

Traditional recipe, mixed with , cilantro,basil and lemon juic

Served with butter, lime juice and smoked salt

Served in an iron casserole with melted cheese.

truffled French fries with parmesan cheese

Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, coriander served with oriental dressing

Seasoned with Cajun spices.

Deep-fried and served with squeezed lemon juice and smoked salt

With garlic butter and guajillo pepper.


Cheesecake with deep-fried plantains, rum syrup, and tiramisu truffles.

Three delicious churros topped with strawberries, fresh cream, and amaretto Disaronno cream with a drizzle.

caramelized rice pudding with red berries

Green apples baked in pastry puff and served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

Chocolate volcano with vanilla ice cream.

Meringue stuffed with coffee ice cream, flamed with liquor at the table