Menu Bajau Cozumel

Lunch Menu


Locally-caught fish, marinated in red pepper and spices, served with guacamole


Capiado fish tacos with spicy mayonnaise, red cabbage and pickled red onion.


A trio of wonton toast topped with smoked tuna, drizzled in eel sauce and spicy mayonnaise.


Includes one side dish.


Marinated on local chili paste, served and coleslaw.


Grilled with local cheese,xcatic pepper, and jerk dressing.


Roasted and purèed sweet potatoes, scented with black truffle oil


Rustic mashed potatoes with a touch of habanero purèe


Traditional guacamole recipe, mixed with cilantro, basil, and lemon juice


Truffled french fries topped with grated parmesan cheese


Crispy fries seasoned with Cajun spices


includes one side dish.


Grilled flat iron steak accompanied by truffle fries and grated parmesan cheese


Prime rib eye, topped with bacon, onion, arugula, Cheese sauce with saffron, served on homemade bread with a side of french fries


Fresh tuna ceviche with mango and cucumber in leche de tigre and a spicy touch of habanero chile


A trio of wonton toast topped with salmon, soy sauce, caramelized onion, and Sriracha sauce.