Bajau celebrates during July 15 to August 15 the First “Festival de cebiche Peru – Mexico”. Come and tryone of our 4 ceviches made especially by our Chef and Partner Lalo Ruiz.

The Cebiches

Cebiche Cozumel

A mix of habanero and Morita pepper, corn, red onion, sweet potato, truffle oil, fresh octopus, and shrimp.

Kay Xcatic

Xcatic and jalapeño pepper, with Leche de Tigre, catch of the day, red onion, sweet potato, and cilantro.


Cebiche Lima

Mix of red habanero pepper, catch of the day, shrimp with avocado, asparagus and a touch of lime.



Delicious mixture of jalapeño and poblano pepper, "Leche de Tigre", corn kernels, purple onion and shrimp.


Chef Lalo Ruiz

Honored with the invitation to participate as a Judge in the 2022 World Ceviche Championship in Peru.